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Updated: Mar 29, 2019

The men in our lives work hard. It's important that we make their lives easier when they're not at work by keeping a clean home, giving them space to pursue their hobbies and by ensuring there's a joint ready for them to puff on when they want.

Since men's bodies are bigger, it makes since they want bigger joints. Since our fingers are smaller, it makes sense that it'll be easier for us to roll these fat blunts due to the delicate nature of our physical bodies.

Show him how much you love him by using these 5 techniques to roll him joints he'll love.

4. Choose a high THC strain

Low THC strains and high CBD are for light weights and girls. Choose a high THC strains so he'll feel more masculine.

3. Grind the Weed

There are many grinders on the market. Since you're rolling for him, choose a big grinder. This will ensure you can fill the cone and double the your chances of pleasing him.

We love the Large Herb Grinder - Mega Crusher by Zip Grinders. It is 2.5" and is the ultimate designer grinder on the market today. Made from Aerospace aluminum, these are designed to crush almost anything.

2. Choose Big Rolling Paper

Since you're rolling a bigger joint be sure to choose a big size rolling paper. We recommend the King Size Brown rolling papers from Smoking. Each sheet is 108 x 44mm complete with a filter pack.

1. Light the Joint for Him

Now that you've rolled him a joint he loves, be sure to light it for him so it doesn't canoe and has a smooth burn.

We recommend using Hemp Wick for this process.

Remember to remove your lipstick before you touch your lips to the tip; you don't want to make his joint sticky.

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